Life Update: I’M PREGNANT

If you follow @sewbusty on Instagram, you already know this news, but I’m finally pregnant!

The last time I posted here, I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and infertility. I was honestly just unable to do anything that I used to find fun, including working on Sew Busty. So it sat. For months. (I’m sorry!)

And then I got pregnant. This helped a lot with my mental health struggles, because I think a lot of that traced back to infertility. But then came morning sickness.

I was so sick. SO SICK.

That list of projects I was planning to do for the end of 2021? Not a single one happened. (Good thing I knocked on wood?)

Blogging certainly didn’t happen. Honestly, my primary hobby was taking 3-hour long baths, because being submerged in water was basically the only place I felt semi-normal.

My doctor started me on reglan, a prescription often used for chemo patients to help them keep food down. It worked for about, I dunno, three weeks. I posted on Instagram so excited that I was feeling better and might be able to start up with Sew Busty again.

And then the nausea started sneaking back in, despite the reglan. At first, it was just a background feeling of minor nausea, like when car sickness starts. And then it grew. And then I started vomiting every 2 hours again. I couldn’t even keep water down. And this was after taking reglan. This was about a month ago.

I called my doctor, and she switched me to zofran, which is the magic pill du jour. I feel so much better on zofran. I’m able to live pretty normally right now. I hope it keeps working and doesn’t stop like the reglan did!

The last few weeks, after starting zofran, I was traveling for work and unable to give any time to Sew Busty.

But now I’m 19 weeks pregnant (almost halfway!), feeling human again, not feeling depressed or anxious, and I think I’m finally able to get back to Sew Busty.

I’m not going to make promises, because if there’s one thing the past ~6 months has taught me, it’s that you never really know what’s going to happen. I have to put my mental and physical health first, so if the zofran stops working or I slip back into a depression, I’ll probably disappear again.

But, for now, I’m ready to be here.

Here are the things I have planned coming up (again, knock on wood!):

  • Review on Laela Jeyne’s Cosette Blouse (one of the last things I made … all the way back in October!)
  • Some maternity makes, including patterns that aren’t strictly maternity, but can be used that way
  • Community blogs (let me know if you want to write one by writing me at!)

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