Designer Q&A | Tasha from Unleashed Patterns

I’m really excited to chat with Tasha from Unleashed Patterns today, because Unleashed has one of the most inclusive size charts out there! Their Empowered Peplum & Dress pattern and their Enlighten Dress pattern are both available for waists 23-57″ (58.4-144.8 cm) and have garment cup sizes A-H available at all base sizes.

Yes, garment cup sizes A-H available at all sizes. You read that right.

(And remember, your bra cup size is not your garment cup size! The two are based on different measurements! I’m a J bra and a DD or DDD garment! Read more here.)

Anyway, let’s hear from Tasha!

Q: What is your name?
A: Tasha Gray

Q: What is your company’s name and how did you come up with it?
A: Unleashed Patterns. It was a team effort coming up with the name, but I love it because it spoke to my freedom to create patterns on my own terms. It also embraces our philosophy as a company in that we don’t adhere to social normatives. Our patterns are inclusive in sizing and labeling meaning we don’t categorize them as women’s and use chest vs breast, etc.

Q: How long has your company existed?
A: Unleashed patterns launched in September of 2020.

Q: When and how did you decide to become a pattern designer?
A: I began drafting patterns about 10 years ago but it was mainly for myself because I wasn’t finding styles I liked and that fit my body. After having children I began drafting patterns for them and that evolved into taking classes and teaching myself how to draft for multiple sizes.

Q: Are you #teamrotarycutter or #teamshears?
A: #Teamrotarycutter but a good pair of shears are definitely necessary.

Q: When is your favorite thing to sew for yourself?
A: Anything with pockets whether it be a dress, skirt, or pullover. I usually find a way to include pockets on patterns for Unleashed.

Q: What does body diversity mean to you?
A: To me body diversity starts with acknowledging that we are unique and there is so much beauty in that. I often tell people that no one other than the person who made the garment knows what size(s) it is so don’t get caught up in that. The important thing is that it fits you and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Q: Unleashed’s size range is one of the largest size ranges I’ve seen, with waists from 23-57″ (58.4-144.8 cm). Tell me about how you developed this range.
A: When Unleashed Patterns was just an idea, I knew that I wanted to have a range that went beyond what most existing companies were already offering. I know so many people who sew out of necessity because they can’t find properly fitting clothing off the rack. Sewing isn’t less expensive than buying off the rack but it is certainly more rewarding. I do what I can to make sure we include as many sizes as possible and we are also currently working to expand the existing range because there is a need and a demand for it.

Q: You offer one of the largest ranges of cup options of any pattern designer in your Empowered peplum. What inspired you to start offering full bust options for your patterns?
A: I often have to make full chest adjustments when making clothing for myself. After the release of the Empowered pattern and the overwhelming response of people who were so glad to have the full chest options included, I realized how many other people like myself needed to make this alteration. Because we strive to be inclusive and provide a great base to making well fitting garments, I made the decision that moving forward we will include full chest options whenever possible.

Q: What challenges did you face, if any, when drafting the Empowered Peplum for a full bust?
A: Empowered was the first pattern from Unleashed to offer options for fuller chests so trying to find a middle ground as far as fit definitely took some effort. We went through several drafts in testing (thank you to our testers for their amazing feedback).

Ultimately I think we reached a base that worked for us and also including the fit section in the pattern was key. As a designer we can’t anticipate every individual fit adjustment or include it in the pattern pieces, but providing the information to help you achieve a great fit absolutely goes a long way.

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