Mini Sew Along: Lace Panties with Monica from BravoBella Bras

The Great Bra Sewing Bee starts tomorrow with the Beginner Bee, a day set aside for beginner bra and lingerie makers! With the Bee so close, I’m excited to have teamed up with the ladies over at the Great Bra Sewing Bee and Monica from BravoBella Bras to bring you an exclusive sneak preview of what kind of content you’ll see at the Bee!

Haven’t registered yet? Get registered here! (It costs as little as $49 for 5 days worth of classes!) (And, again, this post isn’t sponsored. I just really think we’ll all have a lot of fun at the Bee!)

While you’re at it, use promo code SEWBUSTY will get you 10% off the Josey, Josey Plus, and Ingrid kits. They likely won’t come in time for the Bee, but here’s a hot tip: use some inexpensive fabric, like the Casa Collection Tulle from Joanns to make your tester bras during the Bee, then, once you have your fit right, use your pretty kits to make a final version in the coming weeks! (I’ve not personally used the Casa Collection Tulle for bra making, but I’ve heard it works great, and it’s available locally to many US-based sewists.)

Now, one more thing I wanted to note about this mini sew along: Unfortunately, the pattern Monica is showing in this video – the Bella panties from Evie la Luve – is not size inclusive, as it only accommodates hips 34-43.5″/83-110 cm. Because of that, I wanted to specifically point out a fabulous size inclusive pattern to which you can apply these same techniques: the FREE Porcelynne Sara Boyshort Panties, which accommodates up to a 63″/160 cm hip.

I know, I know. I’m a total fangirl for Porcelynne. But part of the reason for my fangirl status is how size inclusive Porcelynne is.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you Monica on how to sew lace panties!

4 thoughts on “Mini Sew Along: Lace Panties with Monica from BravoBella Bras

  1. I really want to try the Apostrophe My Fit undies but I’m a bit intimidated by the measurements required. Can I hold a yardstick in my crotch parallel with the ground? I’ll have to try it out ☺️


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