Community Blog | My First Full Bust Adjustment with Stine

Editor’s Note: I’m excited about today’s post, because Stine is reflecting for us on how their first full bust adjustment went, a few years ago. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

I have a large bust and a small underbust. My back is also small.

If I choose size based on my bust measurement, I have so much extra fabric billowing out below my bust. If I choose size based on my torso, the garment is to small at my bust.

Enter FBA.

I own a book of sewing patterns, ‘Sew Many Dresses, So Little Time‘. It is unique in that you yourself combine the various elements which make up a dress, to make you own dress.

It also advises on how to make an FBA, Full Bust Adjustment, and this was the first dress I made an FBA on.

I was initially a bit scared of FBAs, I thought they seemed rather complicated.

But I followed the instructions closely: Mark bust points. Measure 2 cm from the bust point. Draw lines outwards and downwards. Cut and spread.

And that was it … was that all there was to it? And it looked right!

Then just to tape pattern paper under the spread areas. It was so much simpler than I thought.

I also made a swayback adjustment and a high round back adjustment (HRBA).

But if course the real test was if the fit in the final dress was good.

The dress underway.

The final dress fit so well (in the photo I twist my body slightly). Very happy with loosing the underbust billowing.

I very much appreciate being able to “build” my own unique dresses. No more bad fit.

– Bodice: Basic.
– Neckline: Scoop.
– Sleeves: Cap sleeve.
– Skirt: 3/4 circle.
Fabric: 100% cotton from Stoff & Stil (2016)
Size: Bodice and sleeves size 5, skirt size 6. These sizes roughly corresponds to size M and L.

 FBA, Full Bust Adjustment.
– Swayback adjustment.
– High round back adjustment.
– Adjustment for short shoulder to waist length

Stine L. Larsen is a 41 year-old Dane, barefoot shoe geek, and mom. Lifelong crafter, and avid sewist and upcycler since 2010 when they stopped buying new clothes. You can see more of Stine’s makes on instagram @barefootsaga or on their blog: (under reconstruction).

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