Community Blog | July’s Monthly Sewing Challenge with Christine

Editor’s Note: I’m so excited that for the month of July, Sew Busty will be teaming up with my dear friend Christine (@HouseOfMorozin) for her Sew Monthly challenge! This month’s Sew Busty + House of Morozin Sew Monthly Challenge will be to make a summer dress! You’ll have until August 2 to post on social media using #SewBustyChallenge and #SewMonthlywithHOM, and you’ll be entered to win some swag!

The year is … I don’t actually remember, like most people who have been sewing since they were younger. I am Christine from House of Morozin. My sewing journey was started in the early years. For as long as I can remember my mother had a sewing machine in the house. I was fascinated with trips to JoAnn’s and Walmart, back when they had a huge sewing center. 

Flash forward to my twenties and sewing had become a more intermittent hobby. Until one day in 2018, I decided “Hey let’s bring my machine to my house and sew something”. This was the moment I truly became a sewist! 

Come 2021 and I am a professional seamstress who has sewn for two brands with plans for my own. I have a background in lingerie and high knowledge of working with stretch fabric. Fun Fact: my favorite brand to sew on is Pfaff!

Shot of Christine from Madalynne Intimates modeling shoot

I have a busy life, which pushes my hobbies to the side. My love of going fabric shopping did not get any dimmer. And so my stash grew and grew. 

I recently had an opportunity to become a seamstress and sew for a living! With that, I met IRL sewing friends. After helping with the great Lady Bird jeans workshop, we decided to work on the Ginger Jeans by Closet Core pattern together. Over the next month we worked at our own pace asking questions about the others experience during a sewing section and cheering each other on. 

In progress photo from jeans sewing

*SPARK* This was so fun! I want to do a project like this every month! Suddenly I had the idea for the Sew Monthly with House of Morozin Challenge. It is a challenge that has no daily requirements, loose pattern specifications, and a community of helpful individuals. 

As a busy sewist, I found myself failing at challenges like Me Made May because I forget to post every day, or have no time. It was hard mentally to keep up even if I was wearing self made clothes. I knew I wanted to start something where one could feel accomplished and not bogged down. We can do that in May! (Which I love to see all your makes during!)

Everyone and every body is different. We like to sew different things from different pattern companies. I didn’t want to keep the form of you sew this specific pattern for those reasons. You get to choose what works for you, your sewing skills, and your comfort level. This will also broaden your known database of known pattern companies as different suggestions come through.

The community input on Sew Monthly is one of the top reasons I wanted to create this challenge. Already, we have suggestions for fabric sourcing that I’ve personally never heard of, patterns that are multiple people’s TNT, and a encouragement to get over some scary moments like sewing swim elastic for the first time. 

Christine at a bralette workshop

This sewing challenge has basic instructions. Find a pattern you like in the loose parameters for the month and sew it up within the month The monthly breakdown is as follows:

June: Swimwear
July: Summer Dress 
August: The one you’ve been eyeing
September: Pants
October: Jacket /  Coat
November: Holiday Outfit
December: Pjs
January: Lingerie Set 
February: The one you’ve been avoiding
March: Jeans
April: Jumpsuit / Faux Jumpsuit
May: Favorite Fabric

For example: in June we just completed the Swimwear challenge. Sewers participated by sewing a swimsuit, any pattern they wanted. The challenge was met by many. We talked about different ways to find your starting point, different ways to add elastic, and other difficulties sewers met along the way. 

Sew Monthly with House of Morozin is an open to everyone challenge. The year has a lot in store for us. Let’s sew together! 

Christine Morozin is a professional seamstress, specializing in lingerie. She is the creative mind behind House of Morozin and the Sew Monthly Challenge. You can find her on Instagram @HouseOfMorozin

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