Lindsie, a busty white woman, walks down a sidewalk wearing a homemade hunter green shirt dress.

Hi, I’m Lindsie, and I’m a busty sewist.

As a boobalicious person, I know first-hand that busty sewists have specific needs. I created the Sew Busty Community as a place for busty sewists of all sizes to come together for inspiration, resources, and support.

About Lindsie

I love sewing. I’ve probably loved it since I was an infant, playing with my blocks under my mom’s sewing table as she stitched.

When I’m not sewing, you’ll find me working as a free speech lawyer, snuggling my dogs, watching Law & Order, or taking dance classes. I’m a spoonie with multiple chronic illnesses, including ulcerative colitis, endometriosis, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

My measurements
Ready-to-wear bra: 30J (UK)
High bust: 35″
Full bust: 40.5″
Underbust: 29.5″
Waist: 29″
Hips: 37″

About the Sew Busty Community – FAQs

The Sew Busty Community is for all busty people––from 26D to 58M––who love to or want to learn to sew!

In what ways is SBC an inclusive community?
The Sew Busty Community is for anyone who is busty. Anyone who has ever had to do a full bust adjustment. Generally, our content will be focused on those with a 3″ or greater difference between their full and high bust measurements. (Learn more about sewing cup sizes and measuring yourself here.)

The Sew Busty Community is for all:
– sizes
– genders
– ages
– ethnicities
– sexual orientations
– levels of experience
– abilities and disabilities

We firmly believe all bodies are good bodies, and we aim to be inclusive of all busty sewists.

Is this a plus size community?
SBC welcomes busty sewists of all sizes!

Plus size sewists certainly are often busty sewists. However, not all plus size sewists are busty, and not all busty sewists are plus size.

There are some amazing resources out there for plus-size sewists, such as the Curvy Sewing Collective. This is so important, as plus size people are so often marginalized in our society and in the sewing community. And while some of these resources (especially CSC, which uses an expansive definition of “curvy”) do a great job of offering support for busty sewists, we felt there was a need for a community focused exclusively on the specific needs of busty sewists at all sizes.